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Δυτική Αττική

West Attica

Western Attica consists of two regions. The P.E. Western Sector of Athens with the metropolitan center of the city of Peristeri (includes the western part of the Athens basin enclosed by the Athens-Lamia National Highway and the mountains Aigaleo and Poikilo), and the P.E. of Western Attica with headquarters in Elefsina.

With parks full of greenery, beautiful beaches and hidden beauties, Western Attica stretches along the shores of the Saronic Gulf and reaches the Corinthian Gulf.

It has hidden marine "treasures", where the captivating tranquility "marries" the crystal waters, without even having to travel many kilometers from Athens.

Visit the beaches of Porto Germeno, Psatha, Skaloma, Alepochori, where the pine tree and the sea, the water and the mountain, the fine pebbles, the fish taverns, the ouzo and the relaxed mood combine, giving identity to the beaches of Western Attica.

Pass by Vilia, the beautiful village built amphitheatrically at the foot of Kithairon. Enjoy your drink or coffee from the famous cafes in Haidari and Petroupoli, where you will have all of Athens "on a plate" and have fun in the rakadikas of Aegaleos. Visit the Botanical Garden of Chaidario and drink your coffee on the Pedestrian Walk of Peristeri.

Districts of the Western Sector

Districts of West Attica

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Western Sector

Δυτικός Τομέας

West Attica

Περιφέρεια Δυτικής Αττικής
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