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About us

Our Story

The idea of creating the business was born on Christmas 2019, which   matured and materialized during the health crisis as a creative reaction to this new reality.

LYX ESTATE real estate agency may not have a long history, but it is made up of a small team of experienced professionals, created with love and vision, and aims to improve the experience of its clients.

Our Values

We are authentic, responsible, independent and respect diversity. We have solid knowledge bases which we are constantly expanding, with the aim of improving our services. Integrity, honesty and consistency create the climate of trust required for a healthy collaboration not only in the context of the services provided but also in our lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to highlight the status of the civil contracts broker, its role as an integral part of the broader concept of the complex real estate industry and as an important factor influencing the proper functioning of the real estate market.

Our socio-economic mission and the image of a life - a daily life in a healthy civilized and in harmony with nature environment we want to be the guide in the course of development of our real estate agency.

Reasons to choose us

1. Deep knowledge of the subject

2. Kindness and good mood

3. Professionalism and ethics

4. Support from everyone in the office

5. Together from the beginning to the end of the transaction

6. Here we care about the rights of buyers and sellers more than building a business empire

7. We are certified real estate agents

Meet our teem


Support at every step

Legal support

For the buyer, due diligence prior to entering into a written sales agreement is essential. At the end of the journey the notary will draw up the contract that entitles the new owner.

Urban control

The property for sale must be town planning legal and tidy. The seller commissions the engineer to check and record the current state of the property (electronic identity).

Technical assignments

Whether it is a total renovation or specialized technical-building work, we recommend experienced technicians who will make sure you get the result you want.

Useful links

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