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What is the value of your property?

Whether it concerns the sale, market research, legal use or inheritance case we provide you with the best information. Valuations for market research and real estate sales are carried out for various categories of real estate such as residences, shops, offices, industrial and craft premises, warehouses, plots of land, etc.

Property valuation

Call us to help you plan your next moves.

Determining fair-market value is not easy and simple, but it is very important. The correct estimation of the market value saves time, money, and helps to make more careful decisions for the future.

For each property that is promoted on the market, its basic prices are three. The price the seller wishes to receive, the price the buyer is willing to pay, and the price at which the transaction will take place.

​If you are wondering about the current value of your property, you can get a free appraisal. If you would like an in-depth analysis and property valuation, we provide you with a physical and electronic market value determination report, signed, and proof of service fee.

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