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The Piraeus Regional Unit is one of the eight regional units into which the Attica Region is divided. It includes the urban part of the former Prefecture of Piraeus.

The Piraeus Regional Unit constitutes Wider Piraeus.

One of the most important industrial and commercial centers of the country, but also a nice destination for a walk with a sea breeze. Piraeus is the first port of Greece, which during the period of the Venetian rule sailors called it "Porto Leone", while Pasalimani, or Zea, is one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean, with an abundance of luxury boats. Beyond its industrial character, Piraeus also has incredible walking routes. The longest, and probably the most beautiful route of Piraeus stretches for seven kilometers, from the edge of Piraiki - with the rocks in the background - to the hill of Kastela. Before starting the route, you can enjoy fresh fish and ouzo in the fish taverns of Piraiki while swimming in the ocean that opens before us. Almost everyone who visits Piraeus ends up at Mikrolimanos or Turkolimanos, the ancient Munychia, a picturesque port with fish taverns located in the shadow of the Kastela hill, with its colorful neoclassical buildings. Mikrolimano is one of the most beautiful and liveliest places in Piraeus to go out, which is loved by Piraeus and Athenians in general for the sea and island energy it exudes. If you go uphill from Mikrolimano in the narrow streets of Kastela, also known as the balcony of Piraeus, you will reach the hill of Prophet Ilias. At the top of Kastela Hill dominates the Holy Temple of Prophet Ilias from where you can enjoy the magical sunset, the panoramic view of Mikrolimanos, Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf. For lovers of monuments, as you pass along the coast of Piraeus, you will come across the traces of ancient fortifications at Zea, Freattyda and Piraiki. There you will see the tomb of Themistocles in Phreattyda, the Municipal Theater of Piraeus - a neoclassical building in Korai Square - and the Municipal Art Gallery with paintings by Axelos, Byzantium, Lytra. You will admire the ruins of the theater of the 2nd century, near Pasalimani and the Titanium Garden, located near the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Kastella. For those who love culture, Piraeus will offer you a multitude of Museums, such as the Archaeological Museum near Zea with findings from the area from the Classical to the Roman period. Visit the Merchant Shipping Museum, in Xatzikyriakeio with replicas of merchant ships, navigational instruments, lithographs and photographic material, but also the Maritime Museum, on the coast of Themistokleos with a rich collection of replicas of Greek ships, paintings of seascapes. Finally, Korai Square is dominated by the Municipal Library with 60,000 book titles and a children's library.

Districts of the municipality of Piraeus

Wider Piraeus

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Περιφέρεια Πειραιά
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