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Athens Center

The Municipality of Athens is the largest municipality in Greece, seat of the Regional Unit of the Central Sector of Athens and the Region of Attica in the Attica Basin. It occupies an area of 38.96 and its permanent population amounts to 643,452 inhabitants according to the 2021 census by EL.STAT., while it develops at an altitude of 90 m.

The "fairy tale" of antiquity begins in the center of Athens, where there is the so-called historical triangle that includes the old neighborhoods of Plaka, Thisi and Psirri, the outdoor market in Monastiraki and the most important archaeological sites. The Syntagma Square area is the heart of Athens, where the central metro station is located. It is an important shopping center of the city with many clothing and footwear stores. At the end of Ermou Street, Monastiraki begins, while after a few parallel streets to the left, and after passing the Metropolis, we enter the picturesque Plaka. Here you will take your walks in the traditional market and taste the delicacies of Greek cuisine, drinking ouzo and retsina under the shadow of the Acropolis walls. Neat restaurants for food and drink, as well as bars can be found in the area of Thisi and Psirri. The other big market in Athens is Kolonaki, where you can find all the big European and American brands in clothes and shoes. In the popular pedestrian streets of Kolonaki you will sit down for a coffee or a snack after shopping, but also in the evenings. For history lovers, Athens as a leading city of Ancient Greece, is the most suitable place for a historical tour. For a full tour, a great way to start is the Temple of Olympian Zeus, one of the largest monuments of antiquity at the entrance to the city. From there you can walk along the paved road on Dionysios Areopagitou, passing by the ancient theater of Dionysus and the ruins of Asklepiion. Of course, afterwards, you will climb the sacred rock of the Acropolis and pass by the impressive Acropolis Museum, which houses over 4,000 priceless ancient finds. You will have the opportunity to admire many findings from the sanctuaries that were founded on the slopes of the Acropolis rock as well as the settlement in the surrounding area, while you will walk to Monastiraki and the Ancient Agora. You will get to know the culture, passing by the Zappeion Palace, the Palace of the Old Parliament, the National Theatre, the National Library of Greece, the Palace of the Academy of Athens, the National Technical University of Athens From the green spots of the city, it is worth visiting the National Garden, next to the Parliament and the French Archaeological School in Kolonaki, visit the most beautiful and largest private garden in Athens. This walk will surely make you feel the aura of the ancient Greek culture floating in the streets of the city.

Historic Center & "Commercial Triangle"

Districts of the Center of Athens

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