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Unique, newly built commercial office-halls in Lavrio, built in 2009






Lavrio-Municipal stadium

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Many scholars speculate that Lavrio and the wider area are the oldest industrial city in Europe. The discovery of rich minerals, the geographical location, the natural beauty and the natural harbor attracted the original inhabitants and thus the first settlements were created. The mining activity that started 3000 years ago in the area of Lavreotiki continued until the 2nd century BC. so it was abandoned. It was restarted in 1865, alongside the redesign of the city, and was finally discontinued in 1992. Now Lavrio is a modern city, adorned with large squares, groves, open spaces and a number of important neoclassical buildings. Characteristic is the multitude of palm trees that adorn the boulevards, the squares and above all the famous grove of Kyprianos. It has been constantly developing in recent years, the infrastructure is being improved, the port and the marina are being upgraded, while aesthetic interventions are evident on the beach and in its various neighborhoods. Within this environment, part of a modern, independent, luxury newly built building, suitable for professional use, with a surface area of 230.8 m², is available on the 1st floor of the building. A meticulous quality construction of modern specifications, with fire detection, fire extinguishing, Kleeman quality 8-person lift, ventilation, cooling-heating, false ceilings, heavy-duty mirrored double glazing, and 40X40 granite tiling. The specific section consists of three rooms or office spaces, three toilets and one toilet for the disabled. The building is friendly for people with special needs, and more specifically: properly designed inclined level (ramp) connecting the main entrance to the public road, wider entrance door to the elevator, grab bars in the bathroom and toilet placed at a prescribed height. It has many openings and views of the open horizon, southwest orientation with all-day natural light, while notes of luxury are given by the granite inlays. Around the perimeter there are free parking spaces, schools, shops, sports facilities, public services, restaurants, etc. Basic distances: 400 meters from KTEL, 650 meters from Lavrio marina, 6 minutes from the port. The city is connected to Markopoulos via Lavriou Avenue (GR-91). From there there are 3 connections: Attiki Odos, the continuation of Lavriou Avenue which via Peania, Agia Paraskevi and Cholargos ends in the center of Athens, Koropiou-Varis Avenue. The Athens-Souni coastal avenue connects southern and eastern Athens with Souni, via Glyfada, Saronida, Anavyssos, Legrene. Ideal property for medical services, educational institutions, housing public services, etc. It is noted that apart from the specific part of the building, the rest of the first floor (80.4m²) as well as the rest of the building or its parts are available for sale. Total building area and distribution in m²: 1,302, distributed as follows: (Basement=160), (Ground floor=167), (1st floor=230.8+80.4), (2nd floor=320), (3rd floor=272), (Roof=63)
Living area


Plot area


Year built/Rennovation









South West

Type of position






Heating type

Central with Oil


Lavrio-Municipal stadium

Δημητρίου Λαζαρίδη, Λαύριο, Ελλάδα

East Attica


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